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Deluxe Road 2+ Person

Treacherous road conditions? Slide off the road in a blizzard? Faced with stormageddon? The Deluxe Pack is chock full of essential gear and supplies to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure on the road. The pack features many light sources to see and be seen with batteries installed, first aid, a seatbelt cutter/windshield breaker and much, much more. It's chock full of emergency gear and supplies to keep you and your loved ones safe when conditions change on the road.

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Pups & Peeps Road Combo

This is a one-of-a-kind pack that has everything needed to keep people and pups safe when emergencies happen on the road.   For the people in the car, there is first aid, a headlamp with batteries, a seat belt cutter & windshield breaker, a stainless steel multipurpose tool and much, much more.  For the pups, there's a treat bag, a dog first aid kit, a heavy-duty leash, a water bowl, poop bags, and a water resistant red spotlight to light up your dog's collar. You and your four-legged companion will enjoy peace of mind on the road.

    • PUP GEAR
    • 6' Leash
    • Collapsible Water Bowl
    • LED Red SpotLit Collar Light
    • Pet First Aid Kit
    • Poop Bags
    • Treat Pouch
    • LIGHT
    • 4-Mode LED Headlamp w/Batteries
    • 2 LED Glow Sticks
    • 1 Wristband w/LED Light & Whistle
    • FOOD & WATER
    • 1 Millennium Food Bars
    • 4 Water Pouches
    • Waste Disposal Bags
    • 1 Tissue Pack
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • 1 Mylar Blanket
    • 8-Hour Hand Warmers
    • 1 Body Warmer
    • 1 Poncho
    • 1 Tubular Bandana - warm up/cool down
    • Seatbelt Cutter & Windshield Breaker
    • 46-Piece First Aid Kit
    • 1 Pair Utility Gloves
    • Duct Tape
    • 2 Dust Masks
    • 4 Extra AAA Batteries
    • Matches
    • Stainless Steel Multipurpose Tool
    • No matter the conditions, your gear and supplies stay dry
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    Standard Road 1 Person

    Unlike other car emergency kits that roll around in the back of the car or take up space in the trunk, GetReadyNow’s pack is designed to fit underneath the seat, in the seat pocket behind the front seats or in the side panel door pocket. This makes a huge difference! The pack is within easy reach when you need it and out of the way when you don’t!

    Only $ 34

    Small Road

    When time is of the essence, you don't want to hunt through pockets and pouches, installing batteries, and wrestling with difficult packaging. With GetReadyNow's clear dry bag, you can see where things are and all items are ready to use.

    Peace of mind

    Treacherous road conditions? Have blowout in the middle of nowhere? Get in an accident? Slide off the road in a blizzard? Overheat in the desert?

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    Confidence at work

    Disaster occurs while you’re at the office? The 24-Hour Grab & Go pack has you covered. It’s compact and comprehensive.

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    Safety at home

    The 72-Hour emergency pack is critical for evacuation or shelter-in-place survival. It’s completely waterproof and compact.

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    Resilient lifestyle

    Turn a disaster into an adventure. Our packs were designed to have what you need for those close calls in out of the way places.

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