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No Water Required

The Coronavirus has ushered in a new normal. An important part of keeping people safe and slowing the spread of COVID-19 is effective and accessible hand hygiene. The CDC recommends frequently washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and only recommends alcohol-based products if soap and water isn't available. But hand-washing with water is not always practical or possible.

NO-RINSE HAND SOAP is an effective way to maintain necessary hand washing protocols in any environment, and is more effective and affordable than most hand sanitizers.

Returning to Work and School

As cities and states begin to reopen - organizations are faced with a fast-changing landscape with many uncertainties. Balancing the need to return to work and school with new health and safety protocols isn't always easy or affordable. Because of that decisions about returning to professions, in some cases where regular access to soap and running water isn't always possible, become more concerning. 

Construction workers, delivery personnel, teachers and other frontline workers who don’t always have access to sinks with soap and water while on the job can wash their hands with this no-rise product wherever they are. 

Water Scarcity

“Washing your hands frequently, with plenty of water and soap, is one of the simplest and most effective measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Yet due to a lack of water supply and indoor plumbing, three-quarters of households in the developing world won't be able to follow this advice, because they lack some place to wash with soap and water. How will they cope when the pandemic escalates and there is no clean water to help stop contagion?”

~Tim Wainwright of the nonprofit WaterAid

Hand washing is best, but can everyone do that? We know India confronts COVID with scarce running water as do places like Africa, the Middle East and even the United States.

We are seeking conversations with global and regional civic and aid organizations who may be interested and able to help us reach these populations and provide a soap product that doesn’t require water that can help them maintain clean hands and slow the spread of coronavirus.