Family Large Emergency Backpack

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Well-organized kits for emergency situations
  • Includes items you need in times of unforeseen circumstances. 
  • Get through an emergency safely with confidence.
  • Emergency supplies for up to 10 people. 
  • All items come in a water-resistant backpack.
  • Features pockets for data protection items, such as a flash drive and external hard drive. 
  • Items for light include:  1 LED light and whistle with stretch wristband, 1 LED head lamp with batteries and ten glow sticks.
  • Food/water items include:  20 water pouches and 10  1,200 Kcal food bars.
  • Items for warmth include:  10 emergency mylar blankets, 10 hand warmers (2 per pack).
  • Sanitation items include: 
  • 1 roll of 15 waste disposal bags, Tissue Packs and 1 hand sanitizer. 
  • Utility items include:  20 masks, 1 roll of duct tape, a 299-piece first aid kit, 2 pairs of utility gloves and pack of 4 additional AAA batteries.